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Wireless Security Camera: Best Wearable Body Cam Camcorder Small Hidden Action Spy Ip Cams. Outdoor Mini Wifi Home Video Surveillance System Hd Baby Monitor Recorder With Phone Stream by My Extra Eye

Wireless Security Camera: Best Wearable Body Cam Camcorder Small Hidden Action Spy Ip Cams. Outdoor Mini Wifi Home Video Surveillance System Hd Baby Monitor Recorder With Phone Stream by My Extra Eye

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Product Code: B074G2Z5J5

  • 【 WORLD'S SMALLEST WEARABLE CAMERA 】- As seen on FOX, NBC ABC & CBS! If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, discreet and tech-savvy way to make your day-to-day life safe and simple, My Extra Eye is the ideal personal security device for you. It allows you to see behind you without looking. Simply clip on to your back as you go out, use it around the house to monitor children or leave it watching valuables. My extra eye transmits video and images to your smartphone or tablet via MyExtraEye app.
  • 【 OUR STORY 】- My Extra Eye is founded by our passionate CEO, Dr. Samuel Akuoku. Over the last Twenty-Five years, Dr. Akuoku has ran one of the most successful medical practices in the state of New York. With all his experience and countless medical cases, he now wants to devote his time to helping people avoid the many different terrible situations he's seen his patients go through. He believes that if people use My Extra Eye, it will keep them much safer by always knowing their surroundings.
  • 【 SAVE PICTURES & VIDEO TO CAMERA OR PHONE 】- My Extra Eye is a WEARABLE, SHAREABLE HD CAMERA. It shoots beautiful 1080p/30fps quality video. It’s never been easier to shoot and share your favorite experiences. With 8MP photos, our camera is amazing for portraits and scenic shots. When streaming a live feed in the app, you can choose either to save pictures or video right to your phone gallery or save it to the camera memory. Switch between how you want to save your content seamlessly.
  • 【 MY EXTRA EYE IS LIKE NO OTHER 】- My Extra Eye protects against unforeseen attacks, muggings, and other events that often come from behind us. In these days of violence and Fear, everyone needs My Extra Eye. Our camera is very functional to use as an action camera as well. Take it hiking, mountain biking, skiing or even clip it on a drone. Great tool for motorcyclists and cyclists as well, clip the camera on your back and Mount your phone to your handlebars to always know what is behind you.
  • 【 PACKAGE BUNDLE 】- My Extra Eye is one of the only security and action cameras that includes everything you need to use it on a day to day basis as soon as you open the box. Most other security cameras require additional expensive parts to get your camera working. We bundle everything you need to make sure your setup process is quick and easy. Package includes (1 X HD Mini Camera) (1X 3000 MAH Mini Power Bank) (4X Mounts to Use Your Camera Everywhere)

My Extra Eye has all of your personal security and surveillance needs covered, whether you’re a small business owner looking for an economical and flexible way to protect your store, a commuter looking for extra safety or a parent who wants to get things done around the house while watching the kids. My Extra Eye makes it all possible.

My Extra Eye is NOT just a powerful video camera. It also works as a premium camera for taking breath taking photos. Equipped with a 120 Degree Ultra Wide Angle Lens and a SONY IMX 179 Sensor. With 8MP images your photos will be of the highest quality. The Electronic Image Stabilization built in the camera allows your photos and videos to always come out perfect, even if you are on the move. The Camera is designed to take the same high quality of photos in all lighting conditions other than pitch black.


CLIP - The first mount will be the clip on mount that will allow you to easily clip the camera to your shirt or jacket. This mount is great for cliping to the back of your shirt to see what is behind you, or clip to the front of your shirt to re-live moments you are recording.

MAGNET - This mount is perfect for sticking on anything metal or tin. Stick it to your fridge to keep an eye on your vegetables frying on the stove. Or use the mount to stick to the back of your vehicle for backing out of a busy parking lot. Handy tool for lining up a trailer with your hitch as well.

SUCTION - Mount the camera to any window or electronic screen. Suction your camera to your TV to film your reactions when watching a show or playing video games. Put it on a window in your children's room to keep an eye on them while they are playing with the door closed.

VISCOSE - Great for all surfaces, the viscose mount is a sticky solution to easily mount your camera anywhere. Stick it to trees, drones, rubber and pretty much anything. This can be washed up to 2000 times and still provide excellent sticking for every new surface it encounters.


Render jaw-dropping 1080P time-lapse movies by selecting time lapse mode. Be sure to switch your camera to save video to the camera SD card and not the phone when using this feature. Plug your camera in and let it film for up to 20 hours. Record those amazing sunsets or use it as a constant running surveillance camera. Choose between different time second intervals to save the time lapse video in.

Unlike most other cameras on the market, My Extra Eye allows you to save video recordings and photos right to your phone or tablet. When you save the recording to your phone it immediately goes into your camera roll or photo gallery. Then making it easy to share your recent memory on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest in a matter of seconds. Easily switch between whether or not you want your photos and videos to be saved to your phone library or on the camera SD card with the tap of a button in the My Extra Eye App.

Ever wonder how to secure your small business and not break the bank. My Extra Eye provides you with a quick and cost effective form of business security. Strategically locating a few My Extra Eye cameras give a business owner the ability to keep tabs on the merchandise. Sitting behind the counter or in yoru office, you can always be streaming a live feed of your customers in your store.

Setting up a home security camera has never been easier. My extra eye is a small, discrete, wireless camera that can be placed almost anywhere. It is perfect for keeping an eye on your yard, front door, garage, pool, and anything else of value around the home. Unlike traditional cameras, it has a small inconspicuous size and shape so it can blend into the natural environment of the home and backyard. Set it up to watch your front door to always know who is there before opening the door and potentially putting yourself in a vulnerable position.



Use the viscose mount to stick to the bottom of any drone. Live stream the footage straight to your phone and always be able to see the birds eye view from the drone allowing you to get the perfect footage on the first try.

Other customers have also clipped the camera on to their pets as well, stream what your dog is seeing while he is playing in the park.


This is a great tool for cyclists and motorcyclists. Simply clip on the camera to the back of your shirt or to the back of your bike and mount your phone to your handlebars. Now you always know what is behind you.

It has been rated by many cyclists and motorcyclists as the best bike accessory. It works way better than rear mirrors and allows you to have a safer and more enjoyable ride.


This bundle is everything you need to keep steaming and saving video all day. You will be able to save long extensive videos either on your phone or micro SD card.

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